November, 2017


FEDERAL DECREE Nº 9192, of November 6th, 2017


It was published today the Federal Decree nº 9.192/2017, regulating the Federal Law nº 12.783/2013, which provides rules about distribution and transmission concession biddings and the associated control transfer of the legal entity that provides public service and is, directly or indirectly, under control of the Union, Estates, Federal District or Municipalities.

The decree determines:

  • The controller of the legal entity must send to the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) a request or a ratification of the previous request, within 15 days, counted from this publication, so the Union carries out the bidding process in the terms mentioned above;
  • The concession contract will last for 30 years;
  • The Development National Bank (BNDES) will be responsible for executing and monitoring the privatization process; and
  • For the judgement of the proposals, it shall be used the criteria of lower value of the tariff and higher offer.


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